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About Sutar
Our Team



         Eric                                                                                                   Jane                                                                                              

       Eric basically takes care of business at Sutar                                             At Sutar,Jane is dealing with quality control                                        

       every day.He's worked for glasses over 10 years,                                      and logistics.She is strict with productquality,                                     

       specially in sunglasses and reading glasses.Eric is                                        contect with factories,give feedback timely,                                        

       enthusiasm with developing customers and                                              deal with the issue patiently.Jane is doing whatever                            

       contecting with them.He loves his kid and his family.                                 she can to support the sales team and she is                                       

       Eric likes doing sports,he keeping climbing mountains                                 willing to help customers.Jane is married toEric.                                 

       every weekends.                                                                                 They have a little boy.After working,she spends                                

                                                                                                                most of time with her family.                              



      Kent                                                                                                  Connie   

      Kent worked at glasses factories for servious years                                    Connie is right arm of the president to deal with 

      previously,so he has abundant experience about                                      business.Connie is busy with developing and keeping

      glasses.Now he focus on developing new products                                   touch with customers.Maybe you will receive her   

      for Sutar.When he is not at office,you can find                                        e-mails or call because of working issue.She is    

      him in factories or glasses markets to look for                                           hard-working,and likes to learn some new things.                                         

      new ideas.Kent loves his work,he is pleased                                                                                  

      to deveolp newly models for you.                                                             



      Jerry                                                                                                    Cathy

      Jerry is responsible for purchasing.He is good                                              Cathy is foucus on designing and drawing

      at communicating with others and have                                                     various kinds of glasses.She is full of imagination

      experience about how to communicate well.                                              and some new ideas.She said she liked traveling,

      He likes reading various of news,it help him to                                             and got her inspiration from traveling.

      know more market conditions.Jerry is a warmhearted 

      man,willing to help partner do everything he can.                 




      Jessica is dealing with Sutar's finance.

      She pays attention to handle each bill.

      She is patient to do every work.